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Empowering Human Potential

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For Burn Survivors, by Burn Survivors


Allow me to introduce you to my friend Shawn Peek.

He is 39 years old from Golden Valley, Arizona.

On October 14th 2013 Shawn was burned on over 95% of his body.

Here is Shawn’s story in his own words.

“Let me say here and now that I’am at fault for my actions that day, no one else.”

The day of the accident I became a member of a very small fraternity of people living today that was burned on 97 percent of their body (in my case inside and out) and lived through the experience.

I was under the influence of alcohol that day and was with a friend at a backyard bonfire that another friend was having. Throughout the day I had consumed nearly a full thirty pack of beer in about 6 hours when a guy showed up with a 5th of whiskey. (Wild Turkey 101)

I decided to hit the “F-it button” and put down 3/4th’s of the bottle of whiskey with no chaser. Within minutes I decided to try to jump the fire that I helped build. It was 4 feet wide and over 6 feet long.

We had burned mattresses and tires on it throughout the day. I decided to strip down to my boxers and started (nobody stopped me) to run towards the fire. At approx thirty feet from the start, half way there, I could feel the heat and tried to abort mission, putting on the brakes to my “Lamborfeetie” but unfortunately the alcohol was really hitting me and my last step was literally just before the fire. What I didn't see in that last step was a board hanging out of the flames which I stepped on and twisted my right ankle which I had previously injured about 7 months earlier.

I went sideways into the flames ended up in about 8 inches of red hot coals and ingesting a fireball that went all the way to my intestines. The only part of my body that wasn't in the fire was my left leg from the knee down and even that was getting burned.

I was in the bonfire for approximately 15 seconds. After roughly 7 seconds I had been burned enough that I didn't feel the pain anymore, that was until I was pulled out by my friend that I had came to the event with. He was able to get me out but not without sustaining 2nd and 3rd degree burns himself.

Soon as the oxygen hit my body it was “Flame On”! I was running around in this backyard when I did the “Stop, Drop and Roll”! I heard my friend call 911 and I heard the ambulance start up 6 blocks away. I listened to it all the way until it pulled up and the sirens turned off, that's when I finally gave it up and I passed out knowing that I was safe.

I woke up 3 1/2 months later in the ICU burn Ward of Big St.John's Hospital in St. Louis Missouri.

I've had 64 surgeries, 59 skin grafts and I still have more to go but I know that nobody's going to do this for me but myself and I’VE GOT THIS!

Since 2008, The Marco Houpe Foundation has been dedicated to helping burn patients and their families at every step of their recovery. We support the Nationwide Children's Hospital Burn Unit in conjunction with providing counseling, life coaching, medical and essential needs, direction for reconstructive and plastic surgeries along with education on fire prevention.

In addition, our nonprofit organization in Columbus provides public speakers to hospitals, schools, youth organizations, and corporate companies. Our ideas are directed toward positive development, inner strength, and an "I Can Do It" attitude, all professionally bundled to "Empower Human Potential".

TMHF would like to thank the countless amount of volunteers who have continued to graciously give us their time, dedication and priceless input over the years.

We would also like to thank you all for the generous donations and toy drop offs during our 12th annual TMHF Toy Drive benefiting the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Burn Unit.

After all the toys had been purchased, counted, logged and dropped off. It is my great pleasure to inform you that we were able to donate/drop off over $4700.00 worth of toy.

Special thanks to:

Molina Health care

The Cincinnati Bengals

Car Max (Morse Rd.)

Lewton Metalworks

The City of Gahanna

The Stadium (Gahanna)

Pastimes (New Albany)

The Elks Lodge 1755

Blendon Community Fellowship Church

The countless amount of people who help make this years TMHF Toy Drive a tremendous success.

*** Due to the covid-19 pandemic protocols, quarantines, time restraints and the rainy weather, we were only allowed to take a few quick photos. Keep in mind that every toy, every box, every cart, every bag, and every tote viewed in these photos are filled with your generous contributions.

POWERED BY: Molina Health Care

Mission Statement:

Here at The Marco Houpe Foundation our mission is to "Empower Human Potential".

We strive to provide patient-centered confidential services with compassion, deserving respect, support and advocacy for burn survivors and their families across the United States.

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